I heard bad things about agencies but I’m so glad I used Remedium

Dr. Adeniyi, Dr. Ogunremi and Dr. Ekundayo didn’t know each other before arriving in the UK from Nigeria. However, due to Covid-19 pandemic regulations, all three doctors had to quarantine together for 14 days upon arrival to the UK. While isolating in accommodation that Remedium had organised, they found that they had lots in common, including how surprised they were at the amazing level of support that Remedium had offered to them.

Watch their story below:

Dr. Ekundayo’s story:

Initially, when I was first contacted by Remedium, I was extremely sceptical because a friend had told me that by working with a job agency, you can really get your hands burnt. However, with Remedium, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

I loved the way Remedium supported me with my interview preparation. It was very efficient and they provided me with lots of encouragement. Even in the midst of Covid, I was supported with all my documents and with everything I needed. Overall, it was an amazing and fantastic experience.

To Remedium, I would say – kudos, you have done a good job!

Dr. Ogunremi’s story:

I had also heard bad things about using agencies but I am so glad that I used Remedium because they have honestly been wonderful.

They prepared me for the interview with everything I needed to know. Even if you have nothing in your head, they’ll still be able to help you get the job!

After getting the job, they will help you to get all your documents together and will keep encouraging you even when things get tough. I was offered the job just before the Covid-19 lockdown, so I had some issues with my paperwork. However, Remedium helped me to keep my hopes high and they regularly kept in touch. It took some time, but they supported me with my visa applications and certificate of sponsorship to make sure that I was finally able to get here in the end.

We are all here quarantining for the mandatory 14 days together and Remedium have helped us to find accommodation, to get food and groceries and to organise our finances.

My advice – I would say to use Remedium!

Dr. Adeniyi’s story

Even Dr. Adeniyi, who admits that he isn’t usually very conversational, had high praise to share about Remedium. He said, “I think Remedium deserves this. I got the first job I applied for and I have Remedium and Conor to thank for that. The transition process was smooth and I didn’t have to lift a finger to get to where I am today.”

We are encouraging everybody to choose Remedium. You won’t regret it!

Thank you to Dr. Adeniyi, Dr. Ogunremi and Dr. Ekundayo for your high praise. We wish you all the best in your new roles in the NHS!

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